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    How to Match a Grey Suit with Brown Shoes in Style

    Do you know that grey suit and brown shoes are wardrobe essential? i bet you you do!, people at the The idle man also thinks so. It is one of the men’s style with instantaneous appeal, taking a break from the regular black suit. the grey color is a color that is not a color (no!, i’m not crazy) what i mean is that, it is achromatic and that’s why it is unique and yet full of beauty, its like wearing black and white but mixed. you would agree with me that it’s calming and relaxed feeling exudes confidence. A Modern Style for Work and Casuals Pairing a grey suit with a brown shoe is classy and best…

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    Women casual wears: 5 casual style for the week

    Women casual wears or formal wears? which would you choose? well, i am here to tell you, we can’t choose sides! peanut butter and jam are divine individually but their union is heavenly! and you must’ve guessed, I’m a foodie!!, read about me so my point is, having to wear casual all the damn time makes your style come as off, no matter how lovely they are. And this is vice-versa, you can’t always wear formal wears. Imagine attending a cocktail party in a full suit (nah! not cool), it violates our dress code. style is pairing your basic outfit well to stand out! however, as casual as it sounds, it gets…

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    Jumia black Friday 2018: Shop fashion till you drop

    A thought…….. A lot of time, it’s not that you have no fashion sense, in fact you could score an A+ in an “out of nowhere” practical fashion course, so what is it about then? It’s about budget, yes a lot of young lads like us really know what we want, how to style our self but when you get on Aliexpress or Jumia or Amazon or any shopping platform you know, you name it! The prices are outrageous,so what if now you can get those outfits, those cool shoes at cheaper rate?, well keep reading (on less if you have a fat bank account then this article is not…

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    Nigerian Fashion Designers Making Waves

    Who are Fashion Designers?? Well, most of us know what fashion means and who designers are!. Hence the simplicity of the word “Fashion designers”. These designers create trends unknowingly, a designer is been creative on his/her design but can’t be sure if it will become a trend except the vision that it would. They are a group of people who are in the art of applying beauty, design and aesthetics to clothing and accessories in order to get their work manufactured and used by many. They are much similar to other designers like graphic designers, web designers, home interior designers, you name it!. okay, let’s get talking about our Nigerian designers Mai…

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    Do you Know your Dress Codes?

    Dress Codes   Okay, here is a fact which i don’t need source before i can state it. We’ve all heard this word (dress codes) in our lives before(ugh unless you are a toddler), somewhere, someday. It’s as if it is an inbuilt development, you know you have to wear a certain outfit to a certain place like school, weddings, hospitals,….. When you hear this two words, these and more are what flashes in your head…. So what is dress code….. Dress codes are written rules and mostly unwritten rules, (call it norms…you’re free) as regards to clothing, clothing like any other human physical appearance has a social significance and…

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    Agbada Styles:Top 10 Agbada styles to try out in 2018

    Agbada History Agbada styles are among the most popular and interesting traditional attires worn by men in West Africa particularly Nigeria. The interesting part is that Agbada is just one of the name this attire is called, according to Wikipedia Agbada is known by various names, depending on the ethnic group wearing them: Agbada (Yoruba , Dagomba), boubou (from the Wolof word mbubb), babban riga (Hausa), mbubb (Wolof), k’sa or gandora (Tuareg), darra’a Maghrebi Arabic, grand boubou (in various Francophone West African countries) and the English term of gown. The Senegalese boubou, a variation on the grand boubou described below, is also known as the Senegalese kaftan. its origin lies…

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    Chino pants: 6 must have chino colors for men

    6 must have chino colors Chino are super stylish, formal, casual cotton pants. A well put together look can make you the most interesting and attractive man in the room because it will leave you looking dapper. and guess what?? Chino pants are not exclusive to just summers, they are multifaceted and can be dressed in desirable way in any season depending on the occasion. so you’ll agree with me on the 10 must have chino colors; The navy chinos: blue is a very serene color. it has a peaceful non flashy effect and looks dapper. it is pleasing to the eye and effortlessly allow you the range of pairing…

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    AMVCA 2018:check out red carpet photos

    check out the fabulous outfits of your favorite celebrities at the AMVCA 2018 In respect to the just concluded award night AMVCA 2018 in association with Multichoice, check out the outfits of your favorite celebrities. do you know the winners? if not, you should check AMVCA2018:The winners(Photos) beacause you dont want to miss it. Recall that on Saturday, the 1st of September 2018, the AMVCA 2018 was hosted in Eko hotels and suites.   Don’t forget to read this- AMVCA2018:The winners(Photos)   http://nnu.ng/check-out-all-the-red-carpet-photos-from-2018-amvcas   Use the comment section to tell us what you think about the outfit or tell us your favorite!

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    AMVCA2018:The winners(Photos)

    AMVCA2018 Check out the style in their outfits The Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) is here again and this means one thing: glamour, style and elegance are also back at their very best or more than one thing[haha]. AMVCA generally is an annual award organized by Multichoice(did you know multichoice is celebrating 25years of enriching lives?) .The winner of every category is selected based on the vote of the general public. The Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards is Africa’s most prestigious celebration of film and TV talent behind and in front of the cameras. The AMVCAs also represent the significant investment made by MultiChoice as a show of its…

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    African prints-Ankara Style for the Modern Man(Photos)

    Hi there! Today’s post is a continuation from my previous one modern Ankara style for ladies(photos). it’s the men/guys part of styling African prints (ankara) to their taste. the men have no much diversity in their wears compared to the ladies, its mostly comprised of  tailored suit, a pant, a jacket, shorts, hats, baseball caps etc. putting in mind that men are no fans of colorful outfits but it seems the Africa prints or Ankara wears are breaking a barrier but it’s still mostly subtle. This African prints style can be seen on the runway all around the world, countless celebrities have been spotted wearing Ankara fashion styles, suits and/or dresses. Ankara…