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Agbada Styles:Top 10 Agbada styles to try out in 2018

Agbada History

Agbada styles are among the most popular and interesting traditional attires worn by men in West Africa particularly Nigeria.

The interesting part is that Agbada is just one of the name this attire is called, according to Wikipedia

Agbada is known by various names, depending on the ethnic group wearing them: Agbada (Yoruba , Dagomba), boubou (from the Wolof word mbubb), babban riga (Hausa), mbubb (Wolof), k’sa or gandora (Tuareg), darra’a Maghrebi Arabic, grand boubou (in various Francophone West African countries) and the English term of gown. The Senegalese boubou, a variation on the grand boubou described below, is also known as the Senegalese kaftan.

its origin lies with the clothing worn by Islamic Tukulor, now this explains why it’s mostly associated with the Hausas in Nigera.


Enough history class, some say history can be boring but i enjoy histories when it’s been read to me but if you are not like me and you would like to read more, worry less i have provided the link “Wikipedia” and also you can read Ankara: The History you probably Never Knew

All that said and done…lets dive in!

Top 10 Agbada Styles

I thought of this post sequel to the trending #Agbadachallenge if you are conversant with social medias then i’m sure you got the scoop already.

we see different celebrities and other personnel unveiling their styles and they sure have a winner.











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