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    Nigerian Fashion Designers Making Waves

    Who are Fashion Designers?? Well, most of us know what fashion means and who designers are!. Hence the simplicity of the word “Fashion designers”. These designers create trends unknowingly, a designer is been creative on his/her design but can’t be sure if it will become a trend except the vision that it would. They are a group of people who are in the art of applying beauty, design and aesthetics to clothing and accessories in order to get their work manufactured and used by many. They are much similar to other designers like graphic designers, web designers, home interior designers, you name it!. okay, let’s get talking about our Nigerian designers Mai…

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    Do you Know your Dress Codes?

    Dress Codes   Okay, here is a fact which i don’t need source before i can state it. We’ve all heard this word (dress codes) in our lives before(ugh unless you are a toddler), somewhere, someday. It’s as if it is an inbuilt development, you know you have to wear a certain outfit to a certain place like school, weddings, hospitals,….. When you hear this two words, these and more are what flashes in your head…. So what is dress code….. Dress codes are written rules and mostly unwritten rules, (call it norms…you’re free) as regards to clothing, clothing like any other human physical appearance has a social significance and…