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Do you Know your Dress Codes?

Dress Codes


Okay, here is a fact which i don’t need source before i can state it. We’ve all heard this word (dress codes) in our lives before(ugh unless you are a toddler), somewhere, someday. It’s as if it is an inbuilt development, you know you have to wear a certain outfit to a certain place like school, weddings, hospitals,….. When you hear this two words, these and more are what flashes in your head….

So what is dress code…..

question confusedDress codes are written rules and mostly unwritten rules, (call it norms…you’re free) as regards to clothing, clothing like any other human physical appearance has a social significance and expectation depending on the circumstances or events.

Dress codes originated in the middle ages(between 5th and 15th century), with the European nobles wearing a dress code to differentiate themselves from other class of people.

for example, in a day a person might have to change from his/her work suit to an endearing dinner outfit  and finally to a night wear, pyjamas maybe!

but wait, who said a night gown or a pyjamas should be a dress code for night sleep?? NO ONE, exactly that’s the point, it’s all about perception as every other human aspect of life.

so if you think we should wear pyjamas to office, you can start ( but tell you what, you’ll probably look stupid, DON’T TRY IT ).

There are different conditions that influences dress codes such as different societies, cultures. what an African man considers as a dress code to a wedding ceremony might be extremely different as to what a french man deems fit. This is where the famous quote comes in;

If you are in Rome, Act like a Roman

Although in general, Western styles are widely accepted and that is why you see people wear suits in almost any country in the world.

As i said earlier, the dress code has built in rules indicating the message being given by a person or an organization.

This message may include but not limited to indications such as person’s gender( a man shouldn’t wear bra ), income(wearing expensive outfits of good good quality), occupationsocial classethnicfashion etc…….

clothing also convey social message, ever seen a group of people protesting? or seen an occult movie, you see them wearing a uniform blood red, when you see this, you get the message!.

why dress code is necessary?

i’m sure you must’ve recognize many of the necessity of dress codes above but to summarize it all;

Dress code is necessary for efficient communication

you probably might be wondering, What are the different types of dress codes ?

So this is the interesting part, their is really no type but common dress codes,

they are referred common because that’s what appears most on wedding, cocktail party invitation and business workplace.

These common dress codes are;
  • Casual
  • Casual dressy
  • Business Casual
  • Business Formal
  • Festive
  • Cocktail
  • Creative Black tie
  • Black tie optional
  • Black tie

These are common dress codes base on wedding and party invites.

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