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Nigerian Fashion Designers Making Waves

Who are Fashion Designers??

Well, most of us know what fashion means and who designers are!. Hence the simplicity of the word “Fashion designers”.

These designers create trends unknowingly, a designer is been creative on his/her design but can’t be sure if it will become a trend except the vision that it would.

They are a group of people who are in the art of applying beauty, design and aesthetics to clothing and accessories in order to get their work manufactured and used by many.

They are much similar to other designers like graphic designers, web designers, home interior designers, you name it!.


let’s get talking about our Nigerian designers

Mai Atafo

mai atafo
Mai Atafo
fashion designers
Mai Atafo

Ohimai Atafo left a 7 figure paying job as Brand manager of Guinness Stout to chase a fiery, burning passion in fashion in 2010, where he freelances as Genevieve Fashion editor

He is a Nigerian  bespoke tailor. He graced the fashion industry with the creation of his brand Mai Atafo.

In 2016, he has Tania Omotayo among other beautiful ladies to model his wedding dresses,

with a heartfelt orchestra playing in the background.

Mai Atafo is a major fashion name in the country. He has been making waves for over a decade.

His name is Ohimai Atafo, yet he is famously known by his brand name Mai Atafo.

He is the Creative Director of Weddings By Mai which he formally launched in 2011.

Under this brand, he designs perfectly fitting wedding dresses and tailored bespoke suits.

The fashioner has had a fascinating profession in the fashion business that traverses distinctive aspects of garments making.

From making the wedding outfits for the most noteworthy, highest grossing Nollywood movie, The Wedding Party, in 2016 to being an honored guest at one of the most expected wedding of 2017, between Adesua Etomi and Banky Wellington.

he is a designer and risk taker who succeeds in whatever he chooses to do.

In recent months, many famous celebrities such as Banky Wellington, the Agbada king, Ebuka etc

are seen wearing the Mai Atafo collections.

Yomi Casual

yomi casual

Olorunyomi Omoniyi Makun popularly known by his brand name yomi casual. He is a younger brother of Ace comedian, AY yomi hails from ifon in Ondo State Nigeria.

Yomi holds a degree in Fashion Design and clothing technology from the Auchi polytechnic. he launched the brand Yomi Casual in 2007 and it has since risen to success.

Yomi casual is a label outfit that specializes in Ready to wear African design, in their words;

the designs are intricately textured and designed to stand clients out in style

Many Nigerian celebrities like AY, UTI NWACHUKWU, ALEX EKUBO etc,has been seen wearing the yomi casual collection.

Some of his collections are; Renaissance colleczione, The Fantastic Man, Yomi Casual Woman.

he has also been featured in fashion exhibitions in Nigeria, Ghana and in the UK.


Lisa Folawiyo

lisa folawiyo
Lisa Folawiyo

She is a self-made Nigerian fashion designer who is famous for the way she creatively fuses traditional West African fabrics with modern tailoring techniques.

known for her label, Jewel by Lisa, which she launched in 2005, and has since grown to become a global fashion brand with showrooms in New York and Nigeria.

Folawiyo studied Law at the University of Nigeria, but decided to pursue her love of fashion. She admits her style is simplistic but innovative, and she also loves to play around with colors and mix prints.

She has been featured on many top fashion sites aside Nigeria such as Vogue Brazil and Vogue Japan.

lisa folawiyo
Lisa on Vogue Japan
lisa folawiyo
Lisa on Vogue Brasil











Frank Oshodi

lace collection
Australian Lace collection by Frank

Frank Oshodi is one of the most talented in the Nigerian Fashion Industry. with the roots of his talent stemming from fashion to model management, fashion consultant to media and events, etc.

With extensive industry experience spanning over 25 years, Frank began his career as a model and was employed by top household fashion houses, such as Dakova and Nikki Africana.

He went into choreography before finally launching his makeup label, House of Bunor and Fashion Designing.

His big break came when Silverbird hired him to be the designer and makeup artist for Agbani Darego, who was the 2001 Miss World winner.

You’ll agree with me that he is definitely a force to reckon on.

Folarin Coker

fashion designers
Folake Coker

Folake Coker started her fashion journey in 1996 when she designed a collection for herself.

Born in Lagos, having spent most of her childhood in Europe, schooled in Switzerland, England and Scotland, being a lawyer with a masters degree in petroleum law, her undying love for fashion gave birth to her brand Tiffany Amber in 1998 revolutionizing the Nigerian Fashion Industry.

In her words according to this post from;

Now, Nigerian fashion has a personality of its own. There are so many amazing designers in Nigeria doing such great things. If you mention a designer, someone would likely know who you were talking about. Ten years ago, that wasn’t the case. Lagos was more of a tailoring city back then as opposed to the designing city it has become.

Tiffany Amber is a 19 year old Fashion and lifestyle brand with global appeal and a distinctly African attitude.

The brand has won numerous accolades over the years including Designer of the year at the Inaugural African Fashion Week (AFI) in 2009 and Fashion brand of the year at the Arise Magazine Fashion Week in 2012.

it’s collections has been seen in most prestigious fashion cities; New York, London, Milan, Paris and the African continents.

Tiffany Amber Collection in Paris

Folake’s tasteful and colorful creations have earned her global recognition, making her the first African fashion designer to showcase her talent at the New York Mercedes Fashion Week two years in a row.

Folake remains one of the elite forces of the African Fashion Industry.

Lola Faturoti

Nigerian fashion designers

Born the daughter and granddaughter of tribal chiefs of her native Ondo, Nigeria.

Designer Lola is deeply influenced by both her personal history and African roots, she said;

i got interested in fashion because my grandmother was a designer, she designed traditional Nigerian cloths, that was my first introduction to Fashion.

“Lola laughs” which i hated because i wanted to be out playing instead of picking out seams!.

She acknowledged that her mother played a major role in defining her personal style. “My mom travelled a lot to London and New York. She bought me a lot of clothes.

so I began to dress differently. I think that was the first introduction to me wanting to be different through clothing,” says Faturoti.

New York, Early 1990s after studying in London, Faturoti, while working in New York’s chavari boutique, the president of the company took note of Lola’s unique styles and help her launched her first collection, bringing her into the international spotlight.

Everything begins for me with the print and fabric, which usually has some shine

she said.

Due to her extensive international exposure and her African roots, Success keeps propelling.

Zizi Cardow

fashion designers

Zizi Cardow is the founder and CEO of Zizi.

she is another major player in Contemporary African Fashion, founded her haute couture label in 2000 and kick-started a revolution for African with a view to globalization.

After her debut, she received the designer of the year award at the Nigerian Fashion Show (NFS) as a show of excellence.

she launched her designs across the continent and internationally. by 2001, her designs were on the runway of famous cities like Italy, France, South Africa.

celebrities like Genevieve, Adesua Etomi, Yemi Alade, etc

niegerian celebrity
Adesua wearing Zizi designs

Ade Bakare

nigerian fashion designers

Ade Bakare is an established Nigerian fashion designer whose impeccable African designs have caused ripples around the globe.

Having been in the fashion industry for more than two decades, his super elegant designs are popular, making him a household name in both Nigeria and London. His work is a perfect example of female sophistication.

He established his label Ade Bakare Couture in 1991, with a loan from the Princess Youth Business Trust (PYBT) due to a burning passion for fashion.

Ade started selling his collections (twice a year) to boutiques and stores in England such as London Adela Davis, Lucienne Phillips of Knightsbridge etc.

His works ranges from Bridal collections to exclusive evening gowns and Hats. he also has a perfume line, breeze in 1998.

ready to wear
Ready to wear collection
ready to wear
Ready to wear collection


ade bakare perfume
Breeze perfume

which led to the introduction of Bakare Breeze, an award winning signature jersey dresses teamed with ethnic textile adire as well as a series of kaftans, boubous and bubas.

Ade Bakare’s desihns have been described as classic with a touch of modernity using fabrics such as wool, silk, lace and crepes but he is currently celebrated for his gazar and organza sweep coats which are both ultra-feminine and luxurious.

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