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Jumia black Friday 2018: Shop fashion till you drop

A thought……..

A lot of time, it’s not that you have no fashion sense, in fact you could score an A+ in an “out of nowhere” practical fashion course, so what is it about then?

It’s about budget, yes a lot of young lads like us really know what we want, how to style our self but when you get on Aliexpress or Jumia or Amazon or any shopping platform you know, you name it!

The prices are outrageous,so what if now you can get those outfits, those cool shoes at cheaper rate?, well keep reading (on less if you have a fat bank account then this article is not for you!)

let me share a personal (yes only me and my device know) story….

I was on the Jumia App browsing to see what clothes or shoe or any accessory i could afford…….

Tell you what; i browsed for hours, all i could do was adding them on a wish list, that’s sad right? well that’s not all, when i finally thought i’m a big boy now, i should go back and purchase it, it was out of stock!

So okay enough sad stories lol, if you ever find your self in related situation, well good news, Jumia black friday is here and others like Amazon, walmart etc

A savior; Black Friday came, I got myself a couple of shirts which still earn me compliments from friends and onlookers.

Quick Tidbits; shop global outfits, they’re unique to your region! ( you’ll thank me later, winks)

So what the hell is Black Friday?

This question may sound irrelevant as almost everyone knows where a black friday is mentioned, prizes are slashed.

but a decade ago, that isn’t the case.

It’s a day following the Thanksgiving day in the United States celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November,the term is said to have originated in philadelphia

read more here

black friday banner

So what Black Friday deals?

Well, as you must’ve guessed, there’s virtually any kinds (as summarized on the banner above) of deal as far as its a human need.

Although there are most popular category such as the phones & tablets

but my focus for this post is on fashion wears;

Women Fashion

  • Women make-ups

so i’m not an expert in this regard but i was browsing on the jumia app and i came across a make-up kits’ brand named Maybelline (New york)

black friday deals

so i kicked up google;

Maybelline is a family owned company base in cosmetics in the New York, America. read more here

so if you’re looking for an exotic make up kits at giveaway prices (i tell you, the company is a big deal), get the jumia app.

  • Women Bags

black friday deals

black friday deals

Who is a stylish lady that does not accessorize bags??

Good guess!. No one.

well, Jumia knows that too.

Behind Every Stylish Woman is a Fabulous Bag

Here is a link to the discounts.

Men Fashion

In this category are anything you consider Men’s, like Sneakers, Tee-shirts, Neck Ties, Cologne etc.

below are some of the items to expect;

black friday deals

black friday

Luxury Men  Wine Burgundy Marble Tie Set With Bracelet

Bandana Scarf, Pocket Square - Black And Red

The image above is a snapshot from from the jumia App with a nice rating of approx. 4 stars.

You can start shopping right away here.

you might want to read this article on dress code before proceeding to purchase any outfit.

Exclusive tips to shopping on Jumia

  • Take note of Flashsales (they’re the main deals)
  • Read reviews/ratings before purchasing an item no matter how HD the picture looks.
  • Most importantly, shop global items if you crave uniqueness.


Thegenteelfashion is not an affiliate of Jumia in any way and all images are from the jumia app/site.

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