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Women casual wears: 5 casual style for the week

Women casual wears or formal wears?

which would you choose?

well, i am here to tell you, we can’t choose sides!

peanut butter and jam are divine individually but their union is heavenly!

and you must’ve guessed, I’m a foodie!!, read about me

so my point is, having to wear casual all the damn time makes your style come as off, no matter how lovely they are. And this is vice-versa, you can’t always wear formal wears.

Imagine attending a cocktail party in a full suit (nah! not cool), it violates our dress code.

style is pairing your basic outfit well to stand out!

however, as casual as it sounds, it gets hard to style-to-stand-out!

Hence, to make it easier for you while shopping or rummaging through your wardrobe, follow the list below

Casual style 1

women casual wears

Okay. This outfit is everything.

a unique way to wear a white dress shirt for ladies as to opposed to the most common, “dress shirt on peplum skirt”.

The upper design was first seen on the TV presenter, Ebuka in an Agbada style, it made a lot of buzz on social media due to it’s elegance.

what i love the most about this outfit is how it’s adorned by African print belt, stating a major style  statement, it defines & creates major waist-flattering vibes.

A plus?

This is a smart casual, you can wear it to work, social outings.

It breathes confidence.

Style Tip: Wear with a midi-sized heels. matched with a nice luxury watch.

Casual style 2

women casual wears

second to my list is this sweatshirt dress.
once again, i love the way the African print fabric is fixed to fit.

this is perfect for a dinner, dates while the night breeze cozily keeps you comfy.

a perfect minaudiere bag or the one seen in this picture (something small).

big fan of heels?

it’s perfect with heels.
Style warning: don’t wear with leggings!!

Casual style 3

women casual wears

who compiles a casual list without a Tee and jeans?

well, jeans are not going out of fashion anytime soon.

whether personal comfort or other people’s admiration, you might consider getting some denim jeans if your wardrobe is lacking “they’re a lifesaver!”

Casual style 4

What’s a better way to fast-forward the time spent on choosing outfit?

well, Jumpsuit is the answer!

this apparel first worn in 1919 by the skydivers and parachuters has since become a major fashion with it’s sophistication.

Style Tip: choose a color and design that complements your personality.

Casual style 5

plaid pants are not supposed to be lacking in your wardrobe. they somehow add a unique look to your overall outfit.

grey is one of my favorite color, it looks good in combination with most other colors.

a navy plaid pants is perfect too.

Style Tips

  • denim jacket and a hat is perfect for plaid pants
  • boots, sneakers, pretty colored shoes is recommended
  • lastly, make sure to look good!

And there you have it, i hope with this simple guide you look more stylish and please share to your friends and social media, it’s my little dream that many reads it!

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