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How to Match a Grey Suit with Brown Shoes in Style

brown shoes

Do you know that grey suit and brown shoes are wardrobe essential?

i bet you you do!, people at the The idle man also thinks so.

It is one of the men’s style with instantaneous appeal, taking a break from the regular black suit. the grey color is a color that is not a color (no!, i’m not crazy)

what i mean is that, it is achromatic and that’s why it is unique and yet full of beauty, its like wearing black and white but mixed.

you would agree with me that it’s calming and relaxed feeling exudes confidence.

A Modern Style for Work and Casuals

grey suit brown shoes

Pairing a grey suit with a brown shoe is classy and best for work. it promise to raise your chance of getting that contract.


It’s that powerful!

despite being a suit, its perfect for that date, yes, you won’t seem workaholic.

This guide is for you if;

  • you’d like to get a friendly nudge that it’s okay to match your grey suit with brown shoes.
  • you’re looking for new style inspiration.
  • you love good shoes etc.

I’m glad you stuck with me, let’s get to it:)

Why match grey suit with brown shoes?

grey suit brown shoes

This outfit is versatile, mature, bold and most of all, easy to pair.

the only place you could go wrong is in choosing your accessories like your tie type, the tie’s color, your pocket square and your socks, keep reading i’ll talk about it shortly or use the content to navigate straight there.

Color of shoe

So now, you’ve chosen the right grey suit that is tapered to suit you, now you’re left with choosing the right shades,

should you opt-in for light shades or dark shades or the burgundy brown?

you should choose the burgundy brown or a darker shades of brown.


because grey(which is the color of your suit) is a lighter color so you need deeper shade of shoe to make a fashion statement.

Recommended brown colored shoes

Types of accessories to style with grey suit/brown shoes

grey suit accessories

Now that you have had idea on the types of shoes, let’s break down the different accessories you should style to really nail this look!

we all know the necessity of this accessories cannot be overestimated.

we break it into formal and casuals as different accessories depends on the occasion so lets’s get to it!

Formal and Casual event’s accessories

Tie and Pocket square

This is unarguably one essential formal wears, but choosing the right color, types can be a daunting task, plaid tie, black, red tie is mostly recommended for a grey suit/brown shoes.

if you’re choosing a plaid tie and pocket square- match all/part it’s color with the pocket square.

man grey suit brown shoes

Some recommended tie and pocket square


Of course

what would that make me if i didn’t include the classic watch?

“every man should totally have one or two watches” regardless of the outfit or occasion.

if you want to have a stylish wrist, you should consider below options!

Shopping tip: invest in scratch resistant watches

Some recommended men watches

Lapel pin

This is much appropriate for weddings, family event, it’s a casual.

you don’t want to risk looking like you just came out of fashion show in formal meeting

however, you can make a fashion statement!

Although this accessory largely depends on your style and personality

“your mirror is your best guide” as you try out different design

Grey suit with black shoe

And if after this guide, you’ve concluded the brown shoe isn’t an option to you then..

the o’l classic black shoe is always available “nobody goes wrong with a black shoe”

here’s my pick;

Notable Fashion Influencers rocking the greysuit/brown shoe

Ryan clark, founder of

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