About Thegenteelfashion

Hi and welcome to The Genteel Fashion. 

Thegenteelfashion is a modest Urban, Afro-Urban, events(fashion) Fashion blog. This means i(we) write exclusive contents on these areas base on research to distinguish this site from the gazillion of other site. It is a unisex fashion blog, it is aimed at making sure it increases your style and fashion sense as you make this blog your style reference.

Here at Thegenteelfashion, your personal styling is like business and like every business, it needs attention. Thegenteelfashion is a hub to make giving your individual self that attention easy.

About Me

Who i am? : my name is Lukman Isiaka, I am a Nigerian and i’m a student at Ahmadu Bello University Kaduna State, Department of Mathematics. 

About Lukman
The Guy Behind GenteelFashion

 And i’m an aspiring Business blogger, i am spontaneous; this minute i’m discussing fashion, then i’m discussing psychology or discussing gaming!

Jon Morrow inspires me, he said;

Figuring out who you are is overrated. focus on who you want to become.

and i agree with him. This (The Genteel Fashion) is part of who i become.

What interests me?: as a curious person, everything i have no knowledge of, interests me. And ofcourse Fashion, i ask questions like why do you wear this?, why this color, why not this color? and the why(s) is unending

Hobbies?: hell yeah! only boring people have boredom as hobby. gaming, photography, graphic design, play modelling (okay this part is funny but yeah it’s my hobby).

Why Thegenteelfashion: Fashion has always been an inspiration. I believe looking good should be priority and not occasionally, as versatile as you might think fashion is, you’ll be surprised by how many doesn’t really get the hang of it.

Thanks to the internet, everyone shares their ideas without having to walk up to the individual. And i’m not an exception, the blog is where i share my personal styles as well as researching the web to publish the best of styles and you’ll have more than enough style preference to choose the one that best suit you as a guide, yes! as a guide because i believe everyone have his/her own genuine style and it might just be extremely similar to others.