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    Nigerian Fashion Designers Making Waves

    Who are Fashion Designers?? Well, most of us know what fashion means and who designers are!. Hence the simplicity of the word “Fashion designers”. These designers create trends unknowingly, a designer is been creative on his/her design but can’t be sure if it will become a trend except the vision that it would. They are a group of people who are in the art of applying beauty, design and aesthetics to clothing and accessories in order to get their work manufactured and used by many. They are much similar to other designers like graphic designers, web designers, home interior designers, you name it!. okay, let’s get talking about our Nigerian designers Mai…

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    African Prints: The History you probably Never Knew

    Ankara hey guys, my post today is gonna be about African print or Ankara or…… whatever you know it as.We going to be talking a little bit of history today… yes!, history class aren’t supposed to be boring right?…. well today’s ain’t going to be!😇.The way to creating an ANKARA is originally influenced by BATIK. Batik is an indonesian method of dyeing cloth by using wax-resist techniques. For Batik, wax is melted and then patterned across the blank cloth. From there, the cloth is soaked in dye, which is prevented from covering the entire cloth by the wax. If additional colors are required, the wax-and-soak process is repeated with new patterns. African…

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    Love Fashion

    Love Fashion   Hi there, my name is Lukman Isiaka and i’m a Nigerian. I’m a student of MATHEMATICS at  AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY ZARIA, NIGERIA. Since i created this blog i have been confused on what my first post should be about!, Certainly i can’t just jump to the middle of no where😅😅😅, So i have decided to make it all about me and the love of fashion!.   I have always been interested in fashion but never really took it serious because i thought that you’ve got to purchase expensive stuffs, not on till i got to meet an awesome friend of mine “Dammie Blaze”, made me realize fashion…